Learn to Fly…

I keep this little journal with me wherever I go. It’s purpose is to contain the brilliant thoughts which will undoubtedly cross my mind throughout my day’s adventures, but more honestly it contains scribbled quotes and truths that I often stumble across which may strike me in the most profound of ways. Granted they are other people’s brilliance, other people’s words- but moving and life affirming all the same. Most recently it’s inspiration and words from a book on writing, which I’m devouring while simultaneously filling the pages of my journal with it’s bits and beauties . This is not the kind of book which speaks on prose and grammar, what to say, or how not to say it. No, it’s the sort of book which talks about the humanity of spirit in words and how words were meant to exist beyond the confines of rules and man-made decisions about how they should (or shouldn’t) be said and done. This is the sort of book the writer-me has been aching for.

For the permission to simply be, breathe, create, exist and do what it longs to do.

I find that, as I reader, I am drawn to admire the authors who pen the stories which don’t fit into the perfectly structured novels which could have been English Lit extension projects. What is the point of art and creativity if you are always staying inside of someone else’s lines?

This is where I’m at today, swimming among the pages and mere ideas of letting go. There are stories to tell, and as I hover above the finalization of my former project and ready myself to dive into my next, I find myself full of electricity and excitement…

This is what writing should feel like. Letting go is what reading should feel like as well! And to the critics and grammar nazis who can’t get past their rules and English Lit education, learn to let go a little. Lift your hands from the handle-bars and feel the wind in your hair and your raised arms. Allow yourself to fly and be. Be more than someone told you that you could…

I am.

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