And NEWness, take two… Action!


One week into this new year and I figured I might as well crawl over to my laptop and write a blog post. I’ve considered doing so for a few days now, but the very thought of the strength the typing along would take was enough to send me resolutely in another direction, let alone the thinking…

Oh the thinking.

Instead of beginning the year with some wonderful blog post about how my word for the year is NEW, (that’s working out swell, let me tell ya.) or some array of witticisms about our delightful New Years festivities allow me bullet-point, if for no other reason than the ease of my crippled brain, the journey of 2014 THUS far…

– parties or social engagements kept? 0

– parties or social engagements cancelled? 5

– visits to the hospital, by members of our household? 3 (twice were me. once on the 1st and once on the 2nd.)

– consecutive days with fever? 6

– number of prescriptions filled since start of ’14? 7

– number of books read? 0. Who can concentrate?

– number of movies watched? 0. See above.

– number of hours spend staring off into distances, brainless? oh, trillions…

– temperature outside? -13, feels like -500, though they claim it feels like -35. I disagree. {It takes all of the strength I have to put a coat on, to slip boots on and walk down three flights of stairs and get leashes on my dogs and talk them out to go to the bathroom. By the time I’m back in, you would have thought I’d run a half marathon and fought off a team of ninjas, I’m so exhausted.}

– resolutions kept thus far? ZERO. Who am I kidding, I don’t really remember what I wrote on that well-intentioned list that week and a half ago, which feels like a year ago.

– Weakness? Cake.

– Days been sick? 8. Feels like? 800. 800,000. 800,000,000. You get the point…

Hoping this isn’t any indication to how the rest of this year will go, or I’m going back to bed for the rest of the year…

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4 thoughts on “And NEWness, take two… Action!

  1. Aaron has been sick since December 26th. Ridiculous. Sorry it is so cold there, I know how exhausting that all is when you are sick like that.

  2. No bueno! So sorry you’ve been sick….what a way to start the year. Then again, it can only get better? Right???
    Wishing you good health!!! Oh, and some warmth too.

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