one through ten…

Sometimes I like to bring my weeks to a close with a top ten list of things that inspired, moved or touched my heart, from around the web throughout the course of the week… This is probably the last list, like this, I’ll do for the year… I hope it brings you some sunshine.

– Have you ever heard of the Invisible Artist? Here is a compilation of a few works. AMAZING! i love unique art that really stands out as memorable… Incredible!

– I’ve been known to throw a birthday party for my dog, or make a memorable celebration in a unique way, so this really made me smile. Happy birthday to this little guy!

– This Holiday Decoration Trends post makes me feel incredibly traditional. While I admire a lot of these bold ideas, I’m not sure I could pull them off. What about you?

– This cartoon made me laugh out loud… What’s the opposite of Silent Night? This!

As we approach the end of the year, a lot of people start thinking about new year goals and stuff. On a couple of other blogs I saw these next two points linked and I’m resourcing them into my list for the week because I love them… HOWEVER, though I find it brilliant, if you’re easily offended by language, just skip the second one.

How to change your life in 14 days.

Why Wait ebook to jump starting your biggest goals.

Moving on…

– having two beautiful daughters, having sisters and nieces and lovely girlfriends, as well as being a girl myself, when I read 25 Things every woman needs to know, I cheered and am now sharing it with you! {I have since fallen in love with Hannah’s blog, linking to various other posts on social media just this week, BUT I should point out that I first stumbled upon this link from this post on one of my favorite blogs Spunkyrella}

– Are you familiar at all with the photography of Sophie Ebrard? I ran across this post, and this selection of her images are breathtaking. Absolutely life capturing. What a gift.

– It’s no secret, we LOVE Aaron Paul. We loved him back before he was super famous because we knew he was UBER talented, and because he hails from Boise (and was born in the same hospital my husband was born in!) and Northwesterners support their people! His kind heart never ceases to touch us, and this sweet gesture was no exception.

– the whole internet seems to be ablaze in arguing sides over the most recent scandal involving a Christian reality tv star vs. the LGBT community. I’ve stayed clear of it, and I’m not getting into it now, but I do want to point out that if people got this passionate about REAL issues that our voices could actually change, (you know, instead of just arguing and taking “sides”) can you imagine how that could affect the world? This video deeply touched me, and in light of all of this drama, can you imagine them adding a few seconds to it by having someone say “I hate it when the network puts my favorite reality star on hiatus”, or “I hate it when someone famous states an unpopular viewpoint that is different than mine.” Christian, LGBT, Fill-in-the-blank, have we all lost sight of the reality that we should all be on the same side and that’s the side of humanity. And it isn’t just tragic, third-world situations like in the video, it’s cities (families and children) in our own back yards that need voices and people passionate about advocating for them and their rights…

4 thoughts on “one through ten…

  1. OMG. I’m glad you don’t write posts like this daily…I’d have to quit my job. LOL. I clicked through all the links. The proposal made me cry, the reality video did too. SO sad. We DO waste too much energy on petty things here. The invisible artist: AMAZING. I’m totally digging Hannah’s blog; such a smart young lady.

  2. Rainydayinmay,

    Wow, the invisible artist is so amazing! I need to show that to my husband and kids. :) Thanks.

    Forgive my delay in replying to your comment at my post “Of Love Stories and a Political Coup d”Etat for Christmas.” Mm, a movie by the fire with your man, a candlelight service, and special brunch with family and friends… it sounds wonderful! How was it all?

    Have a great new year!

    Jennifer Dougan

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