Color by numbers…

November in statistics would look like this, for me:

Chai lattes drank: 7

Mainstream Movies watched: 14

Hallmark Holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving) movies watched: 7

Photos taken with my iPhone: 198

Photos taken with my Canon: 0 {Wah Wah}

Creative, artsy projects done: 0

Percentage of Christmas shopping completed: 90%

Items baked: 3 {oh! progress!}

Books read: 2

Times accidentally set off home security system: 1

Super stressful work projects: 2

Surgical procedures: 1

Doctors visits: 12 {must work on this.}

By the numbers, there are some definite disappointments. Must rectify a few of these immediately. Aim to read at least 3 books in december, take photos with my Canon, see my doctor significantly less, have ZERO surgical procedures, bake more, do something creative more… Three cheers for creativity! Hip Hip Hurrah!

Overall, November was kind of a tough month and I’m breathing a bit easier with it over. Things just feel, oh I don’t know, lighter perhaps… I’m really thankful it wasn’t rough because of anything worse though, we’ve had dear friends really going through some incredibly difficult things these past few weeks. It hasn’t escaped me for a second how un-complain worthy my life is. I’m in control of these numbers, I decide them. Here’s to better numbers and some peace.

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