forty things…

IMG_00261- A wonderful date with my husband to reconnect and celebrate us.

2- A beautiful movie (while on said date) which made me really think about being present and aware. I feel like I need reminding of that pretty regularly.

3- The hard moments which hurt so badly that your heart feels as though it’s shattering into a million lonely and broken pieces, but just may lead to something good and life affirming.

4- falling asleep quickly.

5- puppy snuggles.

6- friendship. The good, old fashioned kind of friends that muck around in the trenches of life’s yuckiest moments with you.

7- quality, cheesy, over played and over slow danced to love songs…

8- good, unexpected conversation with fellow out-of-state transplants.

9- cloudless, crisp, blue skies when you were expecting dreary grey ones.

10- good hair days.

11- great make up days, when it all just works out.

12- clean laundry, that smells awesome, and feels even more awesome because it’s warm and wonderful and the world is cold.

13- snuggly sweaters.

14- cups of warm chai lattes.

15- kitchens of friends who have cups of chai waiting.

16- options. Even when they aren’t what you thought they’d be, back when you were young and dreamed of adulthood, they are options and they are yours.

17- doing what you love. Even if it pays crap.

18- quoting a really great movie, and having another person know exactly what you meant and quoting a line from the same film back, without missing a beat.

19- quoting a really crappy movie that you love despite it’s huge suck quality, and the people around you thinking you’re an idiot and looking away awkwardly.

20- freshly painted toe nails.

21- knowing one of your best friends had one of the best nights of her life. Even if it was awful missing it, its really an amazing thing to know she had it- and for her to have shared a piece of it with you.

22- knowing one of your best friends is going through a horrible season in her life. You don’t love that she’s in that season, but you love that she’s let you in a little and you’re able to be there for her.

23- When your kids talk to you and let you in. That might possibly be the best thing ever.

24- a really great lip balm.

25- slow dancing in the kitchen to a cheesy, badly sung (by you), non-romantic song (alright, it was The Fox song) just to make a memory with your husband. And it was AWESOME.

26- Being a movie trailer junkie in an era where every movie trailer made is at your finger tips.

27- family photos. photos of family.

28- having your dad reach out to me the other day. It was very sweet and really touched me. {sidenote: I love my dad, I’m so grateful for him. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever, and I hope to rectify that soon.}

29- getting the chance to see a friend in a community theater musical, with the family. it was a lovely Sunday afternoon.

30- Reconnecting with old friends from years ago, unexpectedly, at a new friends house.

31- Being a part of a community charity event that touched the lives of a lot of people and blessed us in the process.

32- My hands in my husband’s warm hands.

33- Reading a really great book after the last book you read  being pretty awful.

34- Nasal spray. It’s so faithful. During cold season, during allergy season.

35- working heaters.

36- that the snow hasn’t come yet, even though all of the nay-sayers were convinced it would be feet deep by now.

37- good quality lotion for dry, cold weather skin.

38- solving mysteries and burning questions, even when the answers might be a little sad.

39- crappy, disgusting brownies. It means less sugar you end up eating.

40- looking at the bright side, even when things seem pretty dim…

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