Dearest Tatyana…

Old Phone IsolatedI’m not even sure if this is how you spell your name.

I guess that I could call you and ask…

To say that you are, by far, one of the most randomly kindest people I’ve talked to in a long, long while, is an understatement. If some woman called me, at 6:20 in the morning, wondering why I was answering her husband’s phone when he was supposed to be at work- well, I might not have been as genuinely sweet as you were.

Thank you for several days of dealing with annoying calls and messages for my husband, and not understanding why in the world, after years of having your number, people were all of a sudden calling for this Chw guy.

And, in case I didn’t make it clear enough this morning, under the bizarre circumstances, you were nicer at 6:20 in the morning that I likely would have been in the middle of the day. I bet you shed a lot of light into the world… You KNOW how gloomy it is here today, and my whole day is beaming because of your kind demeanor this morning. People just aren’t kind anymore, myself included. You taught me a valuable lesson.


2 thoughts on “Dearest Tatyana…

  1. Rainyday,

    What a sweet story. That poor woman getting odd calls. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my post “The Secret Lives of Teens,” and please forgive my delay in responding, I was out of the state for a week or so. Nice to talk with you again. :)

    Please feel free to forward this onto anyone you feel this may benefit.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

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