What time is it?

Umbrella time…

I know, i know… I haven’t posted in a week. In all fairness, we had a really busy week. My daughter Amanda came for a visit, bringing her boyfriend and his two sons for us to meet. There was a three-day whirlwind of stuff, which ushered us straight into a really busy week otherwise. If you’ve ever had a high schooler you know there is oh-so-much drama that often goes along with that, and well, this was one of those weeks. Believe me- I’ve been doing good to make it to bed at night and back up again the next morning!

At any rate, amidst the crazy, I have managed to take note of a few things that have captured my attention from around the web…

– Are you a Breaking Bad fan? I can not believe that in a few days, it will all be over. Anyway, I saw this article on Twitter and well, it’s pretty much genius!

– Have you seen this story? I’m honestly not quite sure how I feel about it… thoughts?

– This video could very well be located right at the center of my happy place…

– Along with this one… I mean seriously? Come on! I love Jimmy Fallon!

– In keeping with the theme, in case you never saw the lip sync battle between Jimmy and John Krasinski- you should look it up. I tried to find it, but it wasn’t on youtube. It’s pure perfection. Good stuff. His show is always entertaining… Plus, added bonus, he’s totally inspired me to start calling people Pal. It’s fun and friendly.

– What are your thoughts on Corner Guy? Personally I think the whole thing is pretty funny, and anything that brings Milton to mind while also referencing congress is pretty A-ok in my book.

– Maricopa county is very dear to my heart and though he’s controversial, i LOVE Joe Arpaio! I think his methods are brilliant and I think the numbers (or lack there of) of repeat offenders and the significant amount of rehabilitation that takes place both speak highly for his program. This latest story only makes me love him more. While some prisons are letting rapists go early due to over crowding, and more prisons grant their prisoners even more leisurely rights, he’s got his priorities straight, and it works!

– I adore JGL! He’s adorable. We’ve pretty much watched him grow up on tv, and yet he’s somehow not only stayed out of trouble, but he’s really successful. This guy is not only mega talented, but he cares a TON about helping anyone and everyone who has any desire to create art, collaborate on projects, be credited for their work, and paid. He’s awesome. I love him. He has a huge project coming out, this weekend, that tackles really sensitive stuff… As if all of that isn’t enough, I come across this article yesterday! Man, oh man… This boy is on fire…

– I think Christoph Waltz interviews as the sweetest and most humble actor out there, but man can he play a villain! I am already beyond excited that Alexander Skarsgard is playing Tarzan, but this– this would make for one of the movies of the year…

– And lastly, the buzz on this show is INSANE. Of course, it doesn’t come out until January… Doesn’t it look amazing?

Alright… That’s all I’ve got for you guys. It’s pretty entertainment heavy, but you should know by now, that’s where my heart strays.

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