under my umbrella…

I really loved the internet this week! I think I’m going to try and make a habit, when I find great things, of saving them up to share on fridays, in a kind of collection post of links and all around wonderfulness…

without further ado…

This recipe for Oven Roasted Salmon is AH-MAZING. I’m not kidding. We sat out on our deck moaning about the complete deliciousness of this fish, until our plates were pretty much licked clean, and then we got more salmon and started all over again.

This video is adorable. I sent it to a girlfriend Monday morning because her work week definitely needed a pick me up and she decided she needed both the man and the dog to come help her do yoga at work. *smile*

This guy is the most amazing thing ever. Ever. My world felt better just having gazed upon his face.

This article… While it may initially cause a bit of a stir among more conservative readers, it created an interesting dialogue between my husband and I about our responsibility as parents for unconditional love and when this dad talks about being his daughter’s safe space… I don’t know, it REALLY struck a chord with me. I found his whole article so metaphorical for grace, free will and so often (often out of complete fear) our instinct as parents is the do the opposite of what he’s talking about. There will always be differing opinions, but having a healthy dialogue is a good thing. And sure, as a mom I would’ve wanted nothing more than for my kids to fall in love and commit to one person and only ever be intimate with them. I do believe that leads to less hurt and heartache… It hasn’t worked out quite like that,  and at the end of the day I’d rather be the safety place of unconditional love and refuge than that one who will make them feel worse.

This Kid Snippet. Bwa ha ha… “When I come home from work, my wife is angry, what do I do?” “Tell her why!” “ok!”

This isn’t technically “internet” related, but this week’s episode of SYTYCD was by far the most amazing one I have ever seen. I was blown away after nearly every performance. I was moved to tears during multiples numbers. This one though, this had me balling like a baby. I adore Travis and I think his family’s story with Danny is amazing. Beyond that though, I was a huge Robert fan and when he had his accident last year I was devastated. I had no idea he’d be back as an all-star and when I saw his face I literally burst into tears. (this girl obviously gets way too into her tv, eh?) Anyway, you’re welcome

Which leads us perfectly into this. My absolute favorite dance on the show EVER. (EVER.) Even if you do not like dance, watch it. It’s extraordinary…

I’ve never kept quiet about how much I hate Walmart. Not only do they have completely unethical business practices BUT they treat the majority of their employees like dirty toilet matter. This, this is fact. This is true. This I love. I have known many people on the Walmart side of things and the Winco side of things and this is 100% truth. And Winco grows all the time.

It’s an eclectic mix, to be sure… Some cute, some funny, some thoughtful, some beautiful… Have anything from this week you’d like to share?

I guess, if there is nothing else, I’ll just say “If your wife wants you to buy a trampoline, BUY HER A TRAMPOLINE!” ;)

4 thoughts on “under my umbrella…

  1. I want that baby seal. NOW. :) So darn cute.
    My girls and I LOVE the kids/bored shorts videos….they always make us laugh.
    The dance was lovely to watch. I haven’t watched the show this year and apparently I’m missing out on something wonderful.

  2. The kid snippets were awesome! But I agree on the SYTYCD videos. Both were beautiful and it’s not a show I regularly watch. And the chihuahua vid was pretty cute too! Good mix for a Friday afternoon!

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