sharing gifts…


I read this book about a year and a half ago, I guess. I love this book.

Since then, I’ve danced between the ap on my iPhone and the journal I’m keeping, of my life gifts and gratitudes. Recently though, I came across Southern Gal Thoughts and I really loved how she incorporated her list into her blog. It might seem like one of those “DUH!” things, but for me it was almost revolutionary, so I decided I’m going to follow suit and start sharing my list. Because of the confusion going back and forth between the two other mediums though, I’m going to no longer use the Ap, and just pick up here where I’m at with the journal.

691.} waist high wild flowers behind our house.

692.} being so moved by artistic expression, tears streaming.

693.} early mornings when he’s home and I can reach across the bed, with my toes, and feel his warm foot.

694.} funny notes, with miss-spellings reminding me how full this life of mine is.

695.} the warm sesame bagel my sweet girl toasted for me, for breakfast, because she knew the morning was hard.

696.} the curve of my palm, around the steaming tea mug, warming and reminding me.

697.} the faithful belief, my dog has in me, each time she sets her ball in my lap.

698.} the watermelon layered fragrance of fresh-cut grass.

699.} Plum streaked pink skyline, fireflies dancing around my feet during an evening walk.

700.} The increasingly rare early morning with my fourteen year old, watching the sunrise and realizing what an amazing gift just that moment is.

701.} returned phone calls that ease the worry, even if it’s just for a minute or two.

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