Why, hello there Inspiration… {and M & C Monday}


Slowly our little family is adapting to life in the midwest. Spring has finally peeked out, and the sunshine lifts my spirit. These are very good things.

My office too, is shaping up. After well over a month of feeling zero creative inspiration to unpack and decorate it, a talk with Chw paved the way for a rush of motivation and now we are well on our way. We’ve painted, arranged some furniture and hung a few things up. Progress… I have a self imposed work deadline that I need to start putting in about 30 hours a week on revisions, by May 13th, so that’s the office deadline too.

When done, I’ll share. :)

I did make my way into a lovely little shop called The Iron Grate, up in Fenton. If I hadn’t already been bitten by the inspiration bug, there would have been enough in this amazing shop to force me right into it. Sadly, I bought nothing, BUT I coveted everything so that counts, right? I WILL go back…

It was the sort of weekend one really wants all weekends to be like. Productive, restful, full of laughter and good talks. Of course, it’s life, so it had some ugly bits too. Ugly bits like some miserable person making it their life’s goal to personally attack you because- well, I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Many tears were shed over the reality of this situation and then somehow I just got over it. There will be people who don’t cut it for us and my time and thoughts are better spent on people who matter. It doesn’t change the fact that I had a lovely, inspiring, and relevant weekend.

This week’s Mac & Cheese focus is less recipe and more review. I’d never had Fried Macaroni and Cheese bites before. Being the lover of Mac and Cheese that I am- it seemed only logical to try them.



Chw and Gen were with me, and since my dear husband has declared himself a fellow M & C quester, it was only natural that they try them too.

Consensus was that we aren’t fans. These particular bites came from California Pizza Kitchen.

While they didn’t disgust me, persay, I don’t think I would ever be willing to order Mac & Cheese that is fried again. Chw felt the same way. Gen, on the other hand, claimed she loved them. She is fourteen though- and enjoys feeling the passionate opposite to me from time to time, so I’m unsure of her actual vote.

I can’t pinpoint what I didn’t like exactly, except they felt wrong somehow and just didn’t taste like Macaroni & Cheese. It could be that I’m also not typically a fried food fan. Not sure.

Have you every had fried Mac & Cheese?

6 thoughts on “Why, hello there Inspiration… {and M & C Monday}

  1. It MUST be a kid thing!! I’ve tried them from a few places and didn’t particularly care for them anywhere!! Cody and Evan, on the other hand, LOVE them so I do make them at home when there is left over M&C (which isn’t often, thankfully).

  2. “She is fourteen though- and enjoys feeling the passionate opposite to me from time to time, so I’m unsure of her actual vote.” — my fav quote

  3. I’ve had some awful fried mac and cheese and then some absolutely fantastic fried mac and cheese. I wouldn’t give it up on it just yet!

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