{My pretty fantabulous friend Jenni sets up posts like this every now and again. I’m feeling anything but original these days so I thought I’d crash her bullet point party and go that route…}

…I had tea and toast for breakfast. While this is true of most mornings, it’s been quite a struggle recently because they do not sell our beloved bread here and so we are trying (and failing) sandwiches and toast other ways.

…I had an amazingly ideal list of things to do. They were necessary and wonderful things that included things like finally getting to the end of unpacking our office; baking a batch of delicious muffins and sitting down to write a few handwritten notes. These things did not happen.

…I fought with my fourteen year old over being tired of nagging her to do things she knows to do. It’s true, world, I suck.

…I ignored the photos, from the weekend, that need to be blogged and categorized.

…I did light organizing.

…I touched base with my son, which is always awesome. Gen received her AWESOME birthday gifts from him. She’s been watching the mail, like a hawk, every day for weeks. International shipping is sometimes not our friend. At any rate, that boy is an AMAZING gift giver and she is one happy girl, for sure.

…We ate sweet potato chips and ice cream for dinner.

…When I could not watch CNN anymore, and my heart ached deafeningly over the Boston tragedy, I lost myself to pinterest and then watched rom-coms with Gen.

…I hugged her tight at bed time. She’s a precious, precious girl.

…hours passed by so slow and fast, all at the same time. The air pressure is doing a circus number on my head, for sure. Today someone was over for a bit and we discussed the overhead/sunshine differences between here and places like Idaho, Texas and California. You take the good, you take the bad and suddenly- well, you just have to look at the bright side. That’s what we have to do. That’s what I have to do. Life isn’t bad. Sometimes there are crazy, dark or overwhelming things- but our perspective is everything.

…I LOVE the Osbournes. Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, Kelly… I love them. Today when Ozzy announced that he’d “fallen off the wagon” and had been drinking and using again- but was 44 days sober and trying- I beamed for this celebrity man I admire. This moment right here is when the few ultra conservative friends I had, will decide I am not worth it and close the door on me. Ha ha. I am ok with that. I admire a man who is honest, and loves others with an honest and grateful passion. I learned a lot about parenting from them. Today I am reminded that I can learn a lot about life too. I may not have a drug or drinking problem, but it is always true that no matter how many times we fall on our faces- it’s getting up and being brave enough to try again that matters.

…was all in all, not an awful day personally. The Boston tragedy aside, of course. Some days are worse, others are better. I am better for today, or at least I hope so. That’s my introspective 10:17 p.m perspective anyway…


7 thoughts on “Today…

  1. …I went through 3 more boxes out of the garage. I can finally see the light at the end of that tunnel.

    …I finished the defensive driving course I need to take care of the stupid ticket I got.

    1. I still have boxes in my garage. I’ll put them on my “to do list” NEXT April. Screw parking in it… It’s meant to be extra storage square footage- right?

      1. Absolutely! Haha! I still have boxes I moved from my parents house (3 houses ago…so about 13 years ago) that I’m going through. Bleck! Time to lighten the load :)

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