Dear Neighbor…

Dear Neighbor lady,

We haven’t met. I don’t know what you look like, what your voice sounds like or exactly where in this beautiful neighborhood that you live. Even so, I already feel like I know more about you than i care to.

You are a mean spirited person and after hours of anger and frustration over you, I have to thank the Lord that I don’t know you. As for you, wherever your standings are with God and heaven- you should be abundantly grateful that you don’t know me.

What is it that I supposedly know about you? Well, I know that you take great pride and pleasure in insulting a fourteen year old girl, who was only trying to show you some courtesy and kindness. I also know that my sweet dog, (who is still adjusting to this townhome way of living, verses the large fenced yard she had just one month ago) exhibited more manners through her excitement to meet you and your daughter than you showed in the first fifteen seconds after you opened your mouth- and it just got more ugly from there.

You like to be mean? You like to bully girls younger than you?

Have fun with that, and in the meantime you can tuck yourself in at night with the realization that this isn’t a big neighborhood and we are more than likely going to cross paths again. Trust me, it will be equally as memorable as your moment with my daughter was for her, tears and all.



3 thoughts on “Dear Neighbor…

  1. Oh that’s awful :-( Your poor daughter having an experience like that. Some people are just mean and there’s no need for it. I hope your daughter is feeling better and understands that there are more good people than mean in the world. Tell her to come to New Zealand one day, lots lof lovely people here! :-)

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