Signed: in need of a cosmo and some banter over brunch…

I have all of these amazing things I want to put here…

Like smart moving/redecorating tips we live by.

Or how I used to get to see my kids all of the time, and now the fact that I had all three of them with me (but not at the same time) within the span of 3 weeks, is the best thing to happen to me in a LONG, LONG time.

Or to share photos of our new place, and how fun it’s been to decorate and find new purposes for stuff I’ve had forever.

Instead though, I thought I’d fill you in on the goings-on as we grapple and grapple for some semblance of a routine- while none comes. Just last night, Chw and I were talking about how an evening in Idaho and an evening here are the same in length- yet it goes ridiculously fast here. He gets home from work about 15 minutes later than he did in Idaho- but in what feels like the actual bling of an eye, it’s 9 and we begin shutting down. We went without tv for a month before we left and are LUCKY enough to have Xfinity here, so in theory we’re “catching up” on stuff, while DVRing the new episodes. But that’s just the theory because, aside from watching the entire 3rd season the Walking Dead with A was home last weekend, we haven’t really watched anything. There’s no time, because the evenings are about 12 minutes long…

When I say We haven’t really watched anything, I of course mean WE. I have.

I am sick, you see. And can’t really sleep. And again, I am lucky because I have Xfinity. So, I sit up in bed, with my ipad, and I watch Xfinity. Right now I am watching S & TC from start to finish. I’ve seen a lot of it, but all in syndication. I am finding that watching it, in order, is changing very strong opinions that I had developed about characters. Too bed I’m only like 12 years too late on the S & TC bandwagon. And… It doesn’t really help a girl, when she is really just starting to miss her friends. *sigh*

Since I last posted, G has turned 14, (God help us.) I have turned 37, Chw and I had our 19th anniversary (date to follow, this weekend) and we’ve managed to avoid any major crisis. Yay us! We’ve done unpacking and settling, survived a major shock to our system (who knew car insurance could be so expensive?!?!?), and are hopefully one step closer to some kind of a solid routine. The sun is shining, so that’s pretty helpful.

This place is starting to sound more like one of those weekly family update blogs than anything remotely authentic and personal! I hang my head in blogging shame and close this post now. In the style of Carrie Bradshaw:

I was beginning to wonder, would things ever get back to normal? 

4 thoughts on “Signed: in need of a cosmo and some banter over brunch…

  1. Glad you mentioned Carrie Bradshaw. I was having a hard time knowing what S & TC was :) I never watched it. I never really “got” it. Maybe it would help me to watch it from beginning to end.

    1. I am not sure that it would “help” :) I do love it though… I am a sucker for good, strong characters in uninhibited written mediums so it’s right up my ally. I am obsessed. I am halfway through season 4. (there are 6)

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