Good morning…

The weather is calling for snow today. Again. I have a friend who just moved to Florida. Suffice it to say, I wake up in extreme jealousy.

In other news- throughout the end of last week, and the weekend, I thought of one hundred and five really great blog posts. I mean really, these were top notch, read worthy writing ideas. Then the cold “light”, (I say “light” because it is merely a dip, cloud scarved glow really) of Monday morning I realized that pretty much anything would sound fascinating and read worthy when one is drunk on the unpacking of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Actually, drunk may not be the right word because aren’t there stages of drunk that are sort of fun?

We are well past the point of fun here, people. WELL past.

I did have a run in with a lady at Target that I thought I’d tell you all about. It’s not a great story, but it’s all I’ve got…

So, we were at Target. (gripping, isn’t it?) Actually, we were walking in to Target and there was this lady pushing a cart, sprinting through the parking lot. She nearly plowed over my youngest, who saved her life only by pushing me out of the way and assuming my position next to Chw. (While this is only a slightly dramatized rendition of actual events, it really was some form of this scenario. Enough to irritate me anyway.)

Any target I have ever been in has the bathrooms to the left of the entrance, and the carts to the right. It is crucial to the next part of the story for you to imagine our Target set up exactly this way. Ok??? Ok!

So, said speed racing lady runs into the store, gives her cart (empty) a shove and turns straight away to the restroom, leaving empty and abandoned cart sailing towards the Target associate collection of aligned carts. While this doesn’t seem so horrible- irresponsible, yes, but horrible? No.- The issue is (and it’s an issue many Target’s likely have in this area) there is a woman there, who recently pulled a cart out of the light up, and is getting situated with her child, purse and other belongings.

Can you see it? Can you picture what happened?

Yep! My dear, sweet husband tried to dive for the speeding cart, but he fell short and it slammed right into the ladies backside. Of course she turned to see the remnants of his reach for it and assumed he did the damage. I was more than irate at this point. I marched right into the restroom, almost on the heals of that hit-and-run monster.

Excuse me, ma’am? 

Of all nerve, the broad was washing her hands. “Oh hi! yes?”

You very nearly plowed over my kid in the parking lot, because you weren’t paying attention and then you threw your cart into a woman. 

“Oh my gosh! I did? I am so, so sorry!”

In the movies it would have all played out so much differently. She was very sweet, just just wasn’t paying attention. It could have been any of us I guess. Maybe not at Target, but somewhere else. We all get a little caught up in our own distractions. The really funny part was apparently I had chastised my kiddo about shoving me out of the way, in the parking lot and then, when we walked in I said “REALLY? NO WAY!” and marched into the bathroom. Still caught up in her lack of situational awareness, she apparently turned to my husband and said “oh my gosh! What’s going on? What did I do?” freaking out because of my rage over her pushing me. I’m sure she was thinking to herself “I do this all of the time, why is it such a big deal this time?” Which is sadly a true story- and exactly why I chastised her in the first place.

It’s true, you guys, my kid is a pusher.

Anyway… A little bit of a drama really changes the dynamics of a trip to the store for fabric softener and a Tide pen.

Moral of the story: let’s all pay a little more attention. {and not push our mamas.}

One thought on “Good morning…

  1. you and target. me and walmart. an older lady with about a thousand different braces (knee braces, wrist braces, ankle braces) was struggling to get her cart up the curb and i asked if she needed help (i had a cart with my 2 year old sitting in it). she didn’t look up and said “what i need is for you to keep going!” ouch. i nodded and said “no thanks would have worked just as well. better, even.” and felt guilty right after. what, am i the manners police? lol. i’m a butt in public plenty, i’d wager. but still. that STUNG! good on ya for mentioning it.

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