Never buy a white couch…

Well, well, well…

Would love to say that was a nice blogging break but it wasn’t. Not unless being stranded by vicious weather and swimming in cardboard and bubble wrap is considered a “nice break”. If it is then, this has been the most splendid string of weeks ever.

I kid. Actually it hasn’t been awful. Awfully cold maybe, but not awful…

Just thought I would come say hi, in case anyone is around reading this old thing. And also, I thought I would take a moment to impart some wisdom on you:

Never buy a white couch.

To take it a step further, never buy a white couch if you have black haired dogs, kids, house guests, are residing on planet earth, ever venture outside- etc. If none of those things apply to you- buy a white couch then, you bragger!

I bet your thinking “Oh no, this stupid broad bought a white couch and now it’s stained.” Nope. Wrong!

BUT, i feel like I scrutinize it constantly, and find myself screaming “Not near the couch!” quite a lot. {Which the dogs don’t really understand}

I am contemplating one of those Osha signs that says something close to “____ of days since something spotted the couch.” So far only one tiny spot has appeared. Then again, it’s only been 5 days.

3 thoughts on “Never buy a white couch…

  1. I am reading, and trying not to marveling at anyone who can buy a white….anything. I own ONE white shirt and it looked nice the first time I wore it. I should wear only brown and tan paisley…brown for dirt and tan for Corgi hair. And those should be the colors of all my furniture as well. :)

    1. Dear Cara,
      I blame this on nothing but my design magazine envy. White couches always look so crisp and lovely. Except, up close I am learning. At any rate- like you- I don’t do the white shirt. (i have one. It’s beautiful. It was a gift. I am terrified to wear it.)
      Alas, this newfound air pressure and never ending snow has NOT been kind to my senses…

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