the Writer’s daughter…

As a writer, when we were pushed into the position where we had to homeschool our youngest, i was most excited about creative writing with her. I imagined it would be amazingly fun and we would, together, dream up the most amazing writing projects under the sun.

As a daughter, with a self defiant streak, Genny was pretty much against writing from the beginning. You know, because i am a writer. The nerve.

As the years have passed, this has stayed true. I long since came to terms with it. At some point however, something interesting happened. We were in her closet looking for something and we found crumpled up note book pages with song lyrics written on them. It was easy to see they were modeled after popular radio songs, but the surprising thing was that they were actually pretty good. I didn’t let on that I saw them, which I knew in my gut was the right thing.

However, yesterday I was looking through a school journal (required) she has, and on the backs of the pages (while she is supposed to be doing school) she has been crafting a pretty lengthy story. Suffice it to say- I am thrilled!

Of course, it’s just between you and I. She can’t know that I know, because than i imagine her rebellion would flare up and it would be an opportunity shattered. I guess, in light of yesterday’s post though- we’ve learned Gen’s dirty little secret. My baby girl is flirting with the notion of being a writer…

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