Dirty Little Secrets…

Last night, for dinner, I made Hungarian goulash because I’d had a really rough/bad day and needed something easy. I also knew that Chw had a fiercely bad day at work (the increasing normal, sadly) and knew he’d need something heartier than a Morning Star Farms burger and salad.

It all sounds wonderful, except that I added peas, as I believe one should when it’s goulash. Chw hates peas. Poor guy. But, he couldn’t taste them so it was a victory for all.

Downton_Abbeyanyway, we also ate dinner in front of the tv watching Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey. Don’t judge. Yes, my husband suffered through the 12 peas in his goulash to unwind with the Crowleys. There is nothing wrong with that, he’s not too ashamed.

Dinner in front of the tv however, is another story. I just can’t stand it. I feel tremendous guilt as a wife and mother when the incredibly rare event happens. In fact, usually it’s take out or pizza for family movie night, and even then- it’s only 2-3 times a year.

But really, why? Why am I so ridiculous about it? sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes, (like last night) it’s just emotionally necessary to veg  through an evening.

My guess is childhood stigmas, on both our parts. Really, 1980’s, was the tv so exciting that we couldn’t escape to break a meal? Actually my family has a balance of both table/family dinners and tv dining. My husband’s family though… TV all the time. You’re home=TV on and you in front of it. It’s nauseating. TV’s will likely be the epidemic that lead to us turning into Zombies.

Great, there she goes. Mentioning Zombies two days in a row. What is wrong with this blog?

walking-deadSince we’re on the subject though, i may as well mention that we are pretty excited about the return of the Walking Dead this Sunday. Our kids love it too, which makes me sound like an awful parent. In case you didn’t know, two of our kids are adults. As for our third, she’s almost fourteen (as previously shouted hallelujah about yesterday!) and only 4 episodes into the series. There was the one awkward intimate scene in the woods, which she skipped- and then lots of gore. She’s ok with the gore though- and loves the show.

This has been a pretty informative post. You’ve learned:

– I hate eating in front of the tv due to possible trauma by in-laws at some point in time. {most likely}

– appreciate a good, lazy dinner of a veggie burger.

– The three of us, who live in this house, love Downton. My older daughter would too, though she hasn’t seen it. My son would hate it, which is fair.

– Our other family favorite is the Walking Dead, to which you must have thought “wow, these Wagner’s are really versatile.” It’s true. But more than that- we just really appreciate entertainment with really strong writing…

There, i told you secrets, now it’s your turn… What are some of your guilty little pleasures?

7 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets…

  1. We eat in front of the TV too much. I REALLY want to get better about that.

    I’m still eating Super Bowl treats. I had two chocolate chip cookies for my mid morning snack.

    I skipped my Tour de Crazy class today. And I didn’t use an immunity. So I didn’t earn any points for my team. BUT I justified it because I went last Saturday and NO ONE else from my team went.

    I am SO OVER making lunches for school. We have about 70 days of school left. This is not good.

  2. I hate peas. My mom used to make them all the time when I was a kid because my dad absolutely loves them. I can’t even stand the smell of them. I will pick out every single pea in fried rice or mexican rice before I eat. I guess I wouldn’t really call that a secret since I’ll do it in front of anyone. :)

    By the way, if you love The Walking Dead, you should read the books. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading the books – which I love! – for years, but I can’t stand the series. I got through the first season and was utterly disappointed. I guess the books ruined it for me.

    Again, thanks for the follow!

    1. Thankfully his disdain isn’t that strong or I would never be so heartless as to throw them in.

      I have a friend who reads them and loves the show but I don’t know that I would. I take adaptations way too seriously! Thanks for the heads up, I knew my friend was wrong. ;)

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