Well, it’s January…

Here we are, a brand new year and a whole ton of people feeling optimistic and hopeful about what it can hold. I realize financially and politically things are rather grim, but at it’s best and worst, life is a lot bigger than money and politics. 
All over the internet, from facebook to blogs, people are sharing their resolutions and goals with the world. I have them. A whole lot of them, in fact, but I’m not sharing them here. They are long, and personal and private, and well- you get the picture. 
One thing i will share is that i have a book coming out. 
I am pretty excited actually. 
It will be before my birthday, which is the end of March. 
It is fiction. 
That’s it. You aren’t getting anything else out of me… It’s in the process of being cleaned and beautified so that you can read (and hopefully love) it. 
My main goals this year, in truth (here i am sharing, after I said I wouldn’t.) is to have a better year. 
A brighter year. 
A happier year. 
To be grateful for my life. 
To sell lots of books. 
There you have it… 
What about you? 
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One thought on “Well, it’s January…

  1. I'm totally buying your book. I can't wait! Before your bday?! That's soon! Congratulations!I'm not sure I'm sharing my 2013 goals on the blog either. I've been praying and meditating on my word for 2013 and only one word comes to mind, "Faith". Honestly? That scares me :)

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