An apology…

I became a wife in April, shortly after I turned 18. While other girls my age were in (or about to be in) college, going to parties and finding themselves, I was getting excited about things like grocery shopping and learning to cook. 
Seriously, for me, this was fun. 
We had negative amounts of money. I am not kidding. We were 18 and 20, and when we rented our own place (a crazy, dumpy trailer on an Ostrich farm) I had to grocery shop in a way that left us with something to eat every other day, and the majority of those days was Ramen. 
As Christmas rolled around, no amount of debt or utility disconnection notices* could dampen my spirits. This was my first Christmas, as a wife. My first Christmas as an adult. 
I was still discovering things, in the supermarket that made adulthood all the more exciting. My husband loved Double Stuff Oreos and so when I came across these white fudge Oreos, at the start of the Christmas season, I bought them to surprise him. While i had never been a big Oreo fan, we both felt like these amazing pieces of white chocolate heaven were THE Christmas treat. 
We skipped a power bill payment to purchase 5 $5 cookie jars from a dollar store* and put a box of these cookies* in each one. 
We honestly felt like we had created the most incredible $7 gift and were absolute geniuses! Each family, in our families, received a “classy” puppy or cow shaped cookie jar, complete with a package of white chocolate Oreos. 
The underwhelmed response we received from parents, aunts and uncles caught us totally off guard. 
Last week we made it to Target to choose a new coat for Genny. (crazy kid just won’t stop growing. Inconsiderate.) While there, hubby gasped with excitement over our stumbling into an endcap of these white fudge Oreos. They are such a nostalgia for us, and reminders of that horribly hard time when a box of silly cookies held true magic. 
I forgot about them until last night when we were watching TiVo and Chw brought them out with a glass of milk. He bit into one, and handed me a second. 
That damn cookie was one of the most unpleasant things my mouth has had to chew in years*. What was it exactly? 
And to those of you who received ugly cookie jars and nasty cardboard and crisco covered cookies those 18 years ago- from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry…  
*We do pride ourselves on never having had a utility disconnected. Ever. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s a complete miracle, especially in those days. We have made some dumb mistakes, (yes, dumber than NOT paying our power bill to buy some cheap, lead paint cookie jars) we are blessed it was never worse. 
*I haven’t set foot in a “dollar” store (of any type) in well over a decade.** 
* There were seriously about 20-24 cookies in the package. It was 1994 and we paid $1.98 a package. Last week we paid $4 for a package of 12. 
** I am totally not a snob. I don’t go to dollar stores because I am super anal about quality and i don’t buy a lot of excessive stuff. I have loads of awesome friends whom I respect that frequent dollar stores- I just don’t go. Please don’t hate me. I’m sorry. Here, Have a cookie. Wait. Nevermind… 
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7 thoughts on “An apology…

  1. Awesomeness! Isn't it funny the things we loved a decade or two ago?? For me, it was scented candles and Bath and Bodyworks soap. I would save every penny I could because if those things were in my ghetto apartment (the one we were so behind on bills on) then I felt totally decadent and sophisticated! I never buy candles anymore, seriously never, and Bath and Bodyworks prices just make me roll my eyes now. Weren't we funny young wives?!

  2. YES to B & BW. Oh my goodness. I remember barely being able to make rent, but refusing to buy any other hand soap but theirs. And their wall flowers. One for every room, which was like $10 a month or something. RIDICULOUS… but i honestly, truly believed it was a necessity. The scary thing is that I know their parent company, and it's quantity vs. quality company so it's just smelly cheap crap like everything else… Ugh. I have not been in one of their stores in ages. Now, I will admit that i use Scentsy and love it. But I have a tub full of scent bars and haven't had to buy one in well over a year.

  3. I have to point out, my B & BW days followed my dinner every other day season, by about 4 years. It wasn't that we COULDN'T eat because of fancy/cheap soap. Oh nevermind…

  4. Angie, that is my EVERY november. I do freeze about half of it though… but yes. We are blessed with Turkey strata, turkey pot pies and turkey spaghetti casserole multiple times throughout the winter- to such regularity that i am not much of a turkey fan either and my husband DEFINITELY isn't. This year, he pawned most of our turkey off on our guests, much to my disappointment AND relief… guess i knew his thoughts on future frozen turkey dinners. :)

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