G isn’t always for Gay…

When you take a boy away from normal every day life and stick him in Germany for a year, and follow that with Afghanistan for six months- his first trip home is bound to have him shopping for some really random stuff… 
Our maybe that’s just our soldier. 
Among his acquisitions were video games, fancy headphones, foam planes, RC cars and rubber bracelets, just to name a few. 
Towards the end of his trip though, he came across a set of glasses dedicated to DC comic heroes. Among them was a glass with the emblem and name of Batman, Superman, The Flash and the Green Lantern. He brought said collection of four home and said, “One for each of us!” As he loves Batman, it was the obvious choice for him. He has given my husband the Superman position, so Superman was for him. He pipes up and asks me whether I want the Flash or the Green Lantern. 
I, realizing he’s been gone a long time and may not be in the know, when it comes to certain things, decided to tell him about DC’s decision to make the Green Lantern emerge from the closet and announce his homosexuality. 
“Really? Oh.” He responded, then laughed. He pointed to the giant green G on the back of the green lantern cup and said “Maybe Genny should get the Green Lantern one and you can have the Flash.” 
You know, because of the G. 
But Gen, in all of her thirteen year old super drama screams, “Of course you get the flash and make me have the gay cup. You are freaking trying to make me be gay. You are freaking acting like I am gay. I hate you!” And runs to her room sobbing, before slamming the door. 
Apparently supporting said 13 year old’s obsession with things like Justin Bieber and fashion is pushing her to be gay. Who knew? i guess I have had it all wrong. Thank God I have her around, or i would be one really bad mother. 
Moral of this story? 
That’s probably how ridiculous i look (and sound) When i freak out about my assumption behind someone’s words/actions, before really knowing everything. 
Now that’s embarrassing. 
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4 thoughts on “G isn’t always for Gay…

  1. I had no idea about Green Lantern. HOW did I miss this?And…Genny has it all wrong. You are trying to help her be culturally diverse. It's actually a very good parenting move. Because drinking out of a glass with the picture of a gay super hero on it will help her understand the plight of the gay population. Obvs.

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