On family, milestones and France on stage…

Tomorrow we will have been a family, with Genny, for nine years… 
Chw remarked, when we were talking with friends about a few nights ago, that it “feels like forever,” to which Genny piped up, “Are you kidding me, it IS forever!” 
Those nine years from the day we picked her chubby little cheeked face up, until today, really has been it’s own little lifetime. 
We always do something a little special to commemorate our family anniversary. This afternoon we have tickets to a Broadway (on tour) show of Les Miserables. Being that this is my husband’s FAVORITE musical (my second favorite), Genny has NEVER seen it, and it is a beautiful story of redemption and adoption- it seemed like a fitting treat to celebrate our ninth anniversary. 
For a time, it also looked like our adoption would be finalized today. As it turns out, that has been postponed but, lucky us, we still have to make an appearance in court today. (prayers are appreciated.) 
I hope that today’s show really touches our own little Cosette and resonates within her a beautiful milestone…
Happy Thursday… 
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