Last Thursday afternoon Chw, Gen and I went and saw Les Miserables… We’ve seen it a few times, but it was Genny’s first. She loved it… I, like I do every time, cried like a baby. Genny used her hard earned money to buy an adorable Cosette t-shirt and a key chain for my husband. Have I mentioned it is his favorite musical, of all times? 
Friday was our family anniversary, of nine years together. Les Miz and a special dinner were our main source of celebration this year, though Genny did receive her first (ever) family anniversary gift. We composed a 45 page book of her childhood, both written and photo filled, and had it printed. It’s adorable and she loves it. We encompass everything, within it’s binding, that she loved and did. Coming into our family at age four, she was lacking a traditional baby book SO we called it her childhood book and filled it with day one through her twelfth year. She loves her book and wants to take it with her everywhere… 
On Saturday we adventured to the Farmer’s Market with friends. It was an entirely glorious morning, except for the heavy smoke covering we’ve had for past few months. It is taking it’s toll on many of us. 

 After we came home from our marketing excursion, I braved bathing my pups. (No easy feat) but so worth it for sweet, coconut smelling fluffy snuggles. :) Especially since anyone who had seen Emma recently had to admit she was a bit more on the light tan and black colored spectrum than white and black. Not anymore though! :)

How was your weekend? 
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