Dear today…

Thank you for the crisp air, 
the blue sky, 
and the sunshine. 
I love autumn… 
I love the walks, the holding hands 
and the routine. 
I love the illuminating leaf changes, 
the cozy sweaters 
and the earlier sunsets… 
I love the farmer’s markets of fall vegetables
and the way they warm our bellies after slow roasting in the oven. 
It’s a good season, the best season, and I journey to live authentically and love moments intentionally so that I waste not, my gift of fall. 
Oh today, today, I plan to read away the afternoon with a chai latte in my left hand and  kindle in my right…
May nothing spoil the harvest of some rejuvenating personal time. 
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2 thoughts on “Dear today…

  1. "Illuminating leaf changes," … what a perfect way to put it. I was actually just noticing that effect yesterday afternoon on the walk to school. This is the most amazing time of year.

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