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Easier said than done? Absolutely… 
Am I an expert? Absolutely NOT…
I have developed the habit of talking about how HARD this year has been, for us. Financially with unexpected legal expenses and almost tripling our medical debt, due to completely worthless health insurance. For months we had our family’s geographical location/future hanging in the balance. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s been a HARD year to be parents and the list goes on from there… 
It’s been a hard year for us. What feels like an unending season of one-thing-after-another… 
But my frame of mind hasn’t been helping. Each time a discouraging phone call or piece of criticism lands in my lap, my mind is quick to say just add it to the stack of crap, is this year almost over???

I used to be a total rockstar about keeping a positive frame of mine. I 100% believe in the power of positive thinking. In fact, when i am in the position to encourage a friend- this is the junk i hand to them. 
And yet… 
And yet there are beautiful things too. And tiny moments of humor, laughter, love and friendship tucked into the hard. And I need to remind myself, difficult and painful isn’t always ugly. I am a mom to three amazing kids, despite the years of illness and miscarriage- after all. Difficult and painful can lead to the most beautiful… 
One step at a time… 
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One thought on “Always be…

  1. Katie says:

    Seriously, ditto. I have 3 posts in draft on this same subject. I am so sorry my friend that we don't live closer so that we could commiserate together over a bottle of Chablis. I love you my dear, remember, "this too shall pass".

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