girls can be knights too…

So, we started school Tuesday morning, along with the majority of homeschoolers. 
Or, perhaps i could say: On Tuesday I embarked on my journey to hell. 
Just kidding. 
Really, it’s been pretty bad. 
I don’t know if my sweet, thirteen year old is PMSing, or just swallowed a demon in her sleep, but my goodness she has been unnaturally cruel. 
The good news is i have been unnaturally patient and loving. 
The bad news is that this hasn’t helped, at all. 
Today we start pre-algebra. 
Now that I think about it, the past two days were probably merely the platform awaiting the train to hell. Today is the day we board… 
and to think, i was naively excited to get back to a routine. 
But don’t mind me, I am sick. And have been spit on and treated like garbage/called names for two days. 
I need sleep. 
In other news, I was so excited to finally get to sit down and do a hard edit on my novel while my delightful eighth grader worked on her independent work. 
So far, the novel is losing 0-10,000,000,000. It’s not looking good. 
Next week maybe. 
This week I have to kick this cold’s tuck-us and sleigh the evil dragon of a crazy thirteen year old pre-algebra… (Just kidding… of COURSE I mean the math and not the kid. Geesh.) I did beat her in bowling today. But not in tennis. Because i am the cool mom who not only gets up, while sick, to make her delicious breakfasts- but plays the wii with her and therefore TOTALLY deserves to be called ugly names and treated like garbage. 
Just so we all know our place… 
Wish me luck, and if possible, please send Armour… 
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14 thoughts on “girls can be knights too…

  1. I would never post something like that about my child. The things you say about that girl make me feel terrible for her. When she gets older, I hope she never sees these posts. Those things just shouldn't go online. Especially in a public blog.

  2. You must not read very often, but since I know who you are, I am ok with that too… Thanks for your input, but next time have the courage to stand behind your words and NOT behind "anonymous". That's pretty cowardice, don't you think. Something about my amazing kid- she stands by the things that come out of her mouth- even when they are inappropriate, because we've taught her to respect herself. This is about me, on MY blog, not her… And when your personal issue is with me, leave my kids (who you don't care about anyway) out of it…

  3. I read somewhere that teenagers only use about 5% of their brain for things like school because the other part of their brain is busy with puberty and hormones and all that fun stuff. That really explains ALOT doesn't it? We JOKE (for the benefit of the previous commentor) with Bubba all the time, "It's OK honey, you're brain damaged."I might act like a dragon too if I had to do pre-algebra again. Blek! Good luck with that. Hope things settle down and you have time for the novel soon.

  4. Well, since my stats tell me exactly where you live, I bet I do know… And really, you have no clue what you are talking about. Stand by your words or don't say a word. It's simple. Have a lovely day. I shared your comment with my said 13 year old and her response was (after reading the post you mentioned), "They need to mind their own business because I was really mean to you and daddy yesterday. They weren't here. Why do they read your blog or say anything if they can't be nice?" And I have to agree… i am certainly not perfect, but I am honest and genuine. I have never put myself out there to be an instructor but I will certainly pass on the references to you of people who feel we are great parents and have seen- first hand, the strides OUR kids have made.

  5. Jenni, no kidding. My mom and i were just talking, yesterday, about when I was 13. I don't think it's a super fun age for ANYONE, parent or kid. I told Gen this morning that her math makes me want to cry and I am SO GLAD she has a math teacher and I don't have to do it… Algebra overwhelms me completely. Chw is taking over an "at home" help, and I am so glad…

  6. It was summer Lyssa. It's awful. Summer is no friend to the writer… well, except for the lazy days and sunshine adventure. I think that's been the biggest struggle this week. School. Blech!

  7. It wouldn't need your location, it shows me the isp of who left the comment as well as the city/state/area they came from. It has nothing to do with a profile. It's a traffic logger. And though you were not exactly who I thought you were- I have lost tremendous respect for you. You would have been someone I would have LASTLY expected to be cowardice and judgemental. Saddest day ever… How disappointing.

  8. Now you are pretending to be someone else? your first comment was already emailed. you were snarky about stats. Nice try. Just stop being a troll and go spread happiness, not hatred. Seriously. I guess people surprise us. And to think, I have defended you on multiple accounts. Well I don't regret it. I respected the person I thought you were. The person I thought you were was worthy of respect. *sigh*

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