It wasn’t me…

Go ahead and say it… 
I know. 
It’s been about a week. It seems as though, as of late, I sort of more than suck as a blogger. 
Blame lesson plans. 
Blame the smoke we had here, in the valley, from the fires. 
Blame the blue sky that emerged. (woo hoo!) 
Blame the party I threw this weekend, or the barbecue we had last night. 
Blame anyone but me, because I am going to be the one to play the “*Whine* It’s not my fault!*Whine*” card, this time… 
So there ya go… It’s not my fault. 
But today Season two of The Walking Dead released. And Episode one is calling my name, (again, not my fault) so I have to go… but i promise I will be better, grow up and start taking responsibility for my blog. (With pics!) 
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