On being home…

I have been silent. 
I have been busy. 
I have been consumed and distracted, and here is a big chunk of the reason why: 
About eight weeks ago my husband got a phone call that rocked life as we knew it. It was all in reference to a job relocation that seemed beyond amazing. Significant pay increase, dream come true health benefits, theoretically ideal location- we were electric at the idea. 
Of course, the timing really stunk. Being in the midst of this crazy adoption, for one. Having just renewed our lease, for another year. A new school program that seemed awesome. My sister’s health; blah blah blah… All of the timing inconveniences aside- it seemed tempting. 
I mean, check out just a few of these things on the pro-list: 
– barely any drive from my BFF. 
– a few hours from Manhattan. 
– Coastal living. 
– Trader joe’s. (I know, I’m a broken record.)
But little red flags popped up early on, with the transfer. 
And then, a couple of weeks ago, my brave husband flew out to DC to check it out and “negotiate.” 
Suffice it to say, we aren’t moving east any time soon. Honestly, we are pretty ok with that. We have great friends, an amazing church, a home our family has grown up in, and a lot of other key things. We dreamed about the green, green grasses of the east coast for about 7 weeks of a split second before we realized this just wasn’t for us. The position won’t be ready for another 6 months, but even then it’s not for us. Truthfully, we kinda pitty the poor chap who gets suckered into it… 
Goodbye pay increase… 
Goodbye ocean sunrises… 
Goodbye Friday night football games and Saturday morning pedi’s with my BFF… 
Goodbye amazing insurance… 
Goodbye crazy, disrespectful boss… 
Hello again, HOME. Sorry we lost sight of how truly blessed we are, we’ll try to not let it happen again… 
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