Smile, though your heart is breaking…

First off, i have to say that I do not have the copyright to that image. I have no idea why it’s saying I do, except that my laptop is having some “special” issues… 
Moving on… 
There is nothing more sad than having a sad husband. As heart breaking as a broken kid, or child tears can be, having a really sad and defeated husband is the worst. My husband is sad. It’s been that way for awhile now, but he went and got his hopes up about something and now it’s much worse. Part of the responsibility falls on his failure of a family- and I say failure though it is really just a lazy lack of effort and complete and utter selfishness on their part… Part of it is just life, timings, etc. 
I have no idea what to say, or how to be there for him. Well, that last part isn’t true. I am there for him… BUT I just feel like there needs to be more. There are people (it’s a bit of a growing list) that I want to chew out- on his behalf- for lying to him, using him, walking all over him, etc… But I bite my tongue. 
The downside is that now i am a bit sad to. 
Sending him out the door this morning cracked my heart a little bit… 
Love endures all things… This is only temporary… This too shall pass… 
Things I feel like I am reaffirming and trying to convince myself of- more and more as the days pass. 
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