– Designing the cover for my novel. :)
– editing… it never ends. (and I have not opened the manuscript in a month.)
– Rejoining my old craft club. Super excited about that.
– sessions for my really exciting photography project.
– working on my autobiography for our adoption home study. 
– The new Emily Giffen book
The Unfinished works of Elizabeth D.
Love Does by Bob Goff
– our adoption homestudy
– Amanda comes home! (!!!!!!!!!)
– celebrating the six months we’ve missed with her, and all they entailed.
– School supply shopping! *Swoon*
– Company!!!! Company this weekend, company in a few weeks.
– Chw heads to TX because our beautiful Amanda is graduating AIT!
– hosting a couple of barbecues.

– Reading Love Does by Bob Goff
– a couple of volunteer projects lined up, that I’m excited about.
– working with the amazing women who are contributing to my photography project. They are so good for my heart.

–  Our family Christmas Cards
– Genny and I are sewing a skirt together.
– Chw and I are building a new shoe wrack together. 
– the above mentioned shoe wrack. :)
– a few reorganization projects. 
– walking
– water (drinking and swimming in.)
– massage
– stretching. 
– hoping to have a date night, amidst the busy.
– back on track with weekly devotions.
– daily, quality time to connect. Even if it’s just for five minutes…

What are you up to this month? 

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One thought on “Eight…

  1. i love your lists! reminds me of all the little things that really make up the happiness we experience in a month. so happy you get to see amanda this month!

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