Lest we forget…

Everyone is talking (and writing) about Christian Bale’s visit to Aurora Colorado yesterday, and why shouldn’t they be? This is good news… Not being a big fan of Bale’s, I exclaimed, on Facebook, how deserving of respect I felt this was on his part, causing a friend of mine to email me. 
To quote: “…So you think I should plan a trip from Seattle to Colorado then? I mean, if all it takes is a guy to visit- and the whole world of moronic sheep are gushing- then I should plan it. I mean, who doesn’t want 10 minutes of so much attention. But wait, I wouldn’t garner such, what did you call it??? “RESPECT”, would I? No. Why? Because I am not a handsome movie star. It’s pathetically arrogant on this guy’s part. That’s all. It’s ego feeding at it’s finest…” 
I disagree… 
Maybe, had just one tiny circumstance been different, Christian Bale would have been a car salesman or an insurance agent. We don’t have a way of knowing such things… It doesn’t matter really, because he is Christian Bale- {bad attitude and press aside} A list, award winning actor. 
And it doesn’t matter whether he played Batman or a car salesman, being a celebrity sort of carries the responsibility of a super hero. 
People look up to and admire them, deserving or not. 
This goes for athletes as well… 
Their lives are no longer their own, they have agreed to share a good portion of it with the public. 
Their presence alone can inspire someone to live, or even give a dying person the strength to fight a little harder. What ten thousand average names on a petition can strive for, could be brought to fruition with simply the backing of one celebrity. 
Maybe it is silly. 
Maybe it can feel a little unfair. 
But those things do not make it any less true. 
Sometimes though, we forget that we have our own superhero powers too. 
One extra kind word, even when we aren’t feeling it, can turn someone’s day around. 
One out-of-our-way smile can bring about the same results… 
People ARE people, celebrity or not, and the most loving and beautiful gift we can bestow upon the world (celebrity or not) is kindness. 
Be kind. 
Give kindness, and by doing so, breath unspeakable beauty into the world. Each of us has our own beauty, and that’s our own super power. Don’t try, just be. See beauty everywhere and soon, whether you look pretty or not, you will be the beauty in the world and if Colorado has taught us ANYTHING it’s that our world needs more beauty… 
Christian Bale did not have to fly halfway around the world to spend an afternoon with the hurting and heroic people of Aurora, but he did it anyway. Does that make him better than you or I? No… But it was a kind thing to do, a beautiful thing to do. 
Regardless of our profession or calling, we have the same responsibility… 
As a writer, as a mother, as a wife, as a person- I want to aspire to brighten people’s lives and make the world feel better- just like he did… 
And there is NOTHING stopping me, either… 
What about you? 
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7 thoughts on “Lest we forget…

  1. I sort of agree with your friend, though his words were harsh. Everyone was gushing on FB yesterday about it, and I do agree that it was a nice enough thing to do, but I certainly don't think it makes him a HERO. He got in a private plane and flew at no expense to him to take some photos. It wasn't really that big of a deal for him, I wouldn't think, and if he HADN'T done it, the media would have crucified him, since everyone was clamoring for him to do it since this whole thing happened. The poor guy didn't really have a choice if he wanted a career! Especially after all his bad publicity. Anyway, yes, I totally agree with your view of celebrities, and I hope it made an impact on him as well as on the injured. Yes, it was kind of him, no, it was not really a big deal and we shouldn't hero worship him (you aren't. Speaking more of the teens in my life who think it was AMAZING that he went and that he walks on water now). Love ya!

  2. Ok… when it is all said and done, I probably won't be his biggest fan still BUT I don't know, Melyssa… Smart PR move? YES! but if anyone has proven that being an ass won't ruin a career, it's Christian Bale. I don't think this would have ruined his career. I think he could have stayed in Europe and issued a heartfelt statement and everyone would have been happy. He could have made himself look somewhat presentable and taken his own press agent to just garner a day in Aurora of photo ops… But that isn't what he did. He showed up and spent time with these people, like it was his honor to be in their presence. He made it about them, and not himself… VERY FEW celebrities even remember how to do that. And when it's all said and done, I don't think anyone expected it of him. I imagined he would go soon. Maybe after a month. Maybe on the tragedies first anniversary. I feel like he had a responsibility to go, a responsibility to visit, to encourage cheer and healing… and he stepped up, like a man (not a celebrity) to that responsibility… It was a redemptive moment, for sure.

  3. i generally dislike christian bale (i worry about actors who are drawn to roles depicting severely violent or even sociopathic characters, really), but he could not have spent his time any better. this was a generous, selfless thing to do. he wanted to give people hope while their hurting. that's never horrible.i DO find it strange that Warner Brothers is giving victims money. unless it's to pay for their medical bills, that (to me) strikes me as a large corporation trying to look good, and strikes me as disingenuous. by the way, christian bale's stepmom is gloria steinem. perhaps she had something to do with his act of kindness? i hope so.

  4. it is a fairly decently lengthed list re: my dislike of him, but the attraction to dark characters is something I hadn't ever thought about before… GOOD point. YES… Not impressed with that. And I'm sorry, the fact that they were adamant about making sure everyone knew that CB's visit was nothing they were involved with- as if they were embarrassed he'd gone.

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