Scenes from a tea…

When Genny was little, we had tea parties everyday. 
As she moved into full day school and grew more interested in boy crushes and less in tiny tea sets and teddy bears, we evolved our tradition to simply tea. 
An afternoon snack, some conversation and lovely pot of tea. 
Occasionally we go to a tea house for such things, and other times we silently shove our noses in books and sip our cups of leafy goodness while lost in imagination… 
Pretty much, we’re tea fans here. 
In some way, shape or form we partake in tea everyday. 
Sometimes it takes a six year old girl to shake things up a bit… 
 The stage is set… 
 Paisley’s makeover is complete… {poor thing}
 Emma with flowers donning her fur. {poor, poor baby}
 Lil’ C is dressed in her, er Gen’s, fanciest frock… 
 Friends are arriving… 
 Finally! Everyone is here. {thought it seems like someone is missing…}

 Tea Cheers… 
Found them, hiding… Can’t really blame them, can you? 
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