There are scenes, and then there are SCENES…

Our weekend was a fairly mild one full of sunshine, an awesome double date with M & K to my FAVORITE Local Delish-spot, a super wonderful project I’ll post about later this week, the chopping off of MOST of my hair- and celebrating my husband… 

So, on the afore mentioned double date we took in this highly anticipated little flick: 
My truly, former film critic professional opinion is: MEH…
Julianne was awful. Really truly awful. 
Tom Cruise was interesting. I liked that his character was a redemptive one. 
The music could be fun, mostly if JH wouldn’t have sung. Ever. 
The writing is cheesy. Whatever… I mean, classic 80’s rock (and some 90’s, which annoyed me) and a musical is loaded with impending cheese- so, whatever… 
Russel Brand, for me, made it NOT a total waste of time, but I wouldn’t sit through it again… 
So there ya go… 
Tell me, how did your weekend look? 
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4 thoughts on “There are scenes, and then there are SCENES…

  1. there's just something amazing about a dramatic haircut sometimes. gives you a whole new energy.for some reason, i have an affection for russel brand. but i seriously cannot even stand watching tom cruise anymore! he just has this … controlling, slimy way about him that makes me feel awful.

  2. I like these pictures! I like how the Paisley is sitting there, as if to say, 'Look at what I taught my Dad to do.' I have not Rock of Ages, but the other day I was pondering the fact Julianne Hough is sorely missed on DWTS. I did see just a minute of DWTS when she was on w/ one of the other guys from the movie & they did a performance of something to do w/ that movie, and I had to just turn it off. It was beyond bad. I was embarrassed for them. Not that I listen to Il Divo all the time, but some things are just clearly bad. And that was what it was. Sad. Please Julianne, come back to dancing! Even stick w/ country music, but stop the movie madness! This judgemental moment has been brought to you by mean old me. (sorry!)

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