On being Rachel…

It’s been an interesting mom week around our house. Being that Genny is our youngest and the only kid at home- it has been really fun to see her take on a different role. 
When Genny was six years old, she had a special friend in the form of a 13 year old girl named Rachel. While Rachel would “babysit” Gen, (at her house, while her parents were home- Rachel simply entertaining her) they played all sorts of games and formed all kinds of memories that 7 years later Genny still holds them among her most cherished. 
This week Genny has had a blast “being Rachel” to our adorable little six year old friend lil’ C… {Sidenote: up until this week, it was Chw (Big C) who had the most favor with lil’ C but i do believe Genny and I have made some headway :) }

I love when things have come full circle and I can sit back and reflect on the growth of my beautiful thirteen year old, as well as mine as a mom. 
What a lovely life gift this week has been… 
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