Movie Monday- {The Huntsman}…

It is so risky when certain films build up months upon months of anticipation. Can they really live up to the hype? 
I’ll admit, I was a little worried about this one. 
I mean, it looked incredible… 
But, it also has K-Stew in it, so how remarkable could it actually be? 
I have seen it twice now. Once on date night, (with careful scrutiny as to whether or not it would be ok for my sensitive 13 year old to see) and then again with said 13 year old. 
I know critics are eating this movie alive and that makes me a little sad because I thought it was really, really good. Let me explain, in beloved bullet point fashion: 
– every great part is NOT in the trailer. In fact, the trailer sort of stays quiet to the fact that this is film is the entire story of snow white. 
– Charlize Theron. She is such an incredible actress and her role of the Queen is no exception. She has so much tortured depth and was amazing. 
– K stew… The director (more on that in a minute) was so brilliant. Sure, she’s the main character. She ALSO has less speaking lines then anyone else. It’s pretty fantastic. Plus, she has this scene where she brings back an “oldie” in the form of Bella writhing in poisoned pain. 
– Even though we know the story of SW, this film isn’t ever boring or predictable. 
– This movie is hugely creative and beautiful to look at- AND it is the director’s first film. FIRST… 
– My absolute favorite thing of all is something that I can’t say because it is a spoiler… but it made me want to stand up and CHEER… (If you’ve seen it and are curious, leave a comment with an email link back and I’ll tell you.) :)
There were a few things I didn’t like though. 
Sexual things… Along the sexual abuse line. Nothing utterly graphic, and two of the three things are merely implied but to anyone sensitive about that stuff- it’s there and it sucks. 
Overall, it was an enjoyable night of Sushi, Thai food and a great movie… 
What was one of your favorite moments of the weekend? 
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