I know I am late by 11 days… Late seems to explain a lot of areas of my life lately though, so that’s ok… 
– make myself take time to read. 
– follow the instructions of my natur0path so that I can begin to get well. 
– take a time out, with a girlfriend/friends at least twice, this month. 
– water fitness/swim
– take/make more time for myself in all of the areas that I do not. 

– eggs
– umbrella
– toes
– puddles
– love
– growth
– happiness
– color
– celebration
– energy

– walks
– fresh air
– baking
– sharing kitchen skills
– board games
– time with friends
– swimming

– read a book meant for my heart. 
– journal. 
– remember to be grateful, stay grateful, see grateful. 
– love my friends. 
– heal.

– flowers, fresh, inside. 
– flowers, planted, outside. 
– home smells. 
– line dried linens
– fresh air

– be in and consume water. 
– greens. 
– soft, easy to digest foods. 
– teas. 
– sleep. 

– at least ONE date night, but hopefully two. 
– weekly devotion, talk and prayer time.
– remember to be respectful of him. ALWAYS. 

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