right now…

I got this post idea from Caroline:

Right now I am…

watching:  right this second, nothing… when i have quality time with my tivo though, i am catching up on Glee, Parenthood, New Girl or the new season of Justified… 

eating:  fresh baked bread with real butter… yep.  

drinking:  ridiculous amounts of water, some iced tea and sipping on POM. it’s the way to do it, i’m convinced… 

wearing: jeans, a grey sweater over a black tee… pretty casual around here considering it’s my baking/laundry day. 


avoiding:  my phone like the plague… that’s all, really. 

feeling: a wee bit melancholy, despite all the sunlight we’ve had. 

missing:  a good, old fashioned social life. i’m lame. And in a funk. It was nice though, to meet a friend for Chai this am…

thankful:  for my amazing family, my home, the gift of being able to wake up to and care for said beautiful family, and so much more… despite my funk, i never forget how blessed i am.  

weather: gloomy ick with a major snowfront on the horizon. 

praying: about this re transition, for health in our family and for life stuff… 

needing: a massage… a vacation… a stiff drink, (kidding!)… a Genie. 

thinking: deep thoughts about frustrations and growth, moving forward and the likes… 

loving: breakfast with my husband… the food, the time chatting… the way it kicks off our day. 

and you?  what are you up to?

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