the unexpected…

Seldom do even the tiniest things work out like I expect. Does your life work out like that too? 
Take this winter, for instance… While I wasn’t necessarily surprised by our lack of a white Christmas, I am finding myself pretty disappointed to glance up towards snowless mountains in the middle of January. Already, months before fire season, we are already dreading the air quality we are facing- as well as the lack of supreme camping access… 
Things like that. 
Or like bad RAD days with Gen. Or things my kids do that disappoint me. Or unexpected bills. Emergency medical crap… 
that’s the thing about the unexpected though- we have no idea when it will happen (or in some cases, not happen) or how… but flowers almost always grow from the rotted dirt, at least in some form. Beauty is there, stemming from the ugly- I am just realizing it is up to me to see it. 
Between you and I though, I am struggling with the snow thing. A good chunk of the reason is fear… Fearful of how hellish the summer smoke will make breathing. 
Mostly though, it’s because I had such high hopes/plans of photo opportunities with the glorious white blankets of lovely. *sigh* Guess my secret is out- i am super shallow. 
Also, i worry about how badly the lack of winter bliss is affecting our economy. 
But mostly, it’s the lack of photo ops… 
Silver lining? Sunny, April-like afternoons. But still. 
p.s. Come July, get your guest rooms ready (as long as the air quality at your place is breathable) because i’m coming…

3 thoughts on “the unexpected…

  1. I hear you! And I can totally relate to wanting the snow and the pictures, hehe. Though our local mountains have been getting dumped on for months, we finally got ours low down, and I bet you guys will too!

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