Sad and beautiful all at once…

The evening before Thanksgiving, Chw took us to dinner. It was his noble gesture, knowing how exhausted I was from cooking. I was absolutely willing to take him on it… 
I was so grateful for the break, and for someone else to do the cooking and cleaning for an evening that spirits were pretty high. Then, while Genny and I bantered about something that evades me now, I looked over into the restaurants party room and suddenly began to cry. 
The party room had been rented for a girl’s baby shower. In her early 20’s, the young soon-to-be-mom was heavy with baby and absolutely radiating. The room was decorated with pink streamers, and atop the 8 tables there were scattered rattles and bottles for decor. Over all, it was a super cute shower complete with an adorable pink cake and a 2 table buffet line crammed full of homemade mexican food. The young momma sat in the room, chatting with 2 ladies- one I presumed was her mom. The other was obviously the one throwing the shower as about 15 minutes later- and checking her watch for the 40th time, she got up and grabbed the bucket she’d used to store her baby shower games… 
Aside from those 2 people, no one had come to her shower. 
I asked our waitress about it and she shared that the pregnant momma actually worked back in the kitchen. She said that it was really a sad thing because she was super supportive and always attending everything everyone else hosted, and that she knew for a fact that at least 12 “friends” had RSVP’d for this shower. And yet, no one showed. While our waitress told us that most of the girls on duty that night had brought in a little gift for her, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that a handful of girls on a waitress salary aren’t going to meet the needs this new mom has. And with the purpose of a baby shower being to shower that new mom with love- I’m thinking she didn’t feel very loved as she sat staring at those empty and adorned tables in that suddenly enormous room. 
My heart was so sad for her. 
Her heart- on the other hand- at least on the outside, was fine. 
She smiled and truly glowed up until she packed up her gifts and turned off the light… 
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