A matter of persuasion…

Actually, i don’t carry a purse. I carry a handbag. I just think it sounds better. Purse is something one does with their lips when thinking, or criticizing… My best friend carries a pocketbook, which incidently is something I feel I carry in my handbag, to write in. 
I’m special… 
Anyway, last week when I got the last minute call to head down to the federal building where my daughter Amanda was swearing in for the Reserves, i made the rash decision to dump out my handbag so that it only contained my wallet and my canon rebel. You know, I take pictures of everything, and it just seemed easier when considering security. 
Hours later, when we got home, Genny glances the bar where my handbags insides sat piled high and she laughed- “Is that what came out of your purse? Really? You should kinda tone it down to one or two of each.” 
I totally see what she’s saying…

*DISCLAIMER… I am moderately embarrassed… I feel like this post leaves my OCD tendencies completely vulnerable- until the last photo anyway, when I have a ridiculous amount of unnoticed hair lingering on my hair tie… *sigh*

Better safe than sorry, right? 
What do you A) call your handbag, and B) carry too much of, wherever you go? 
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8 thoughts on “A matter of persuasion…

  1. I call it a purse and sometimes handbag…. depends on my mood i suppose! ;-)I have multiple pens. Multiple gum and/or mint packs. Multiple lotions. Multiple chapsticks. P.S. I don't think you are alone in your OCD

  2. I call it a big 'ol pain and I carry too many pieces of paper/stationary. I always want the right kind of stuff to write a note on, even though I seldom write anyone a note. Most of the time, I leave it in the car and just carry my wallet anyway. :)

  3. Purse is something you do with your lips… HAHAHAHA! Love that.I have several lip glosses.an EPIpen that expired two years ago.wallet.a purple pen (really need to restock, but when i do my kids just steal em).that's about it.was it your goal to stuff my purse with more things?? you're evil.

  4. i generally just call it my bag.. i kind of had a nomadic experience in college, and since it carried everything i needed for a few days out of my apartment, it got a more encompassing name.that nomadic experience (carrying: norton anthologies, pens, notebooks, shoes, toothbrushes, underpants, and god-knows-what-else for lengths of time) left me with MAJOR back problems, so nowadays, i carry a wallet, 437 black pens, business cards, and not much else. i never carry make-up or anything gooey. i've destroyed too much technology like that!

  5. Girl, I call mine a purse… I have lipgloss in a small makeup bag-flavor choices and Bath and body Works gives me lots. Plus the girls take "borrow" them. Several pens. 3 pain relievers, zantac, tums, pseudophed, 2 rewetting drops-samples, peppermints, gum, store rewards cards, business cards, coffee punch cards…all I need is my purse if I have to make a mad dash. Shall I dump it out on Friday? I'm sure you'll feel better. ;-)

  6. Lol! So bad! I call mine a piurse but my OCD has me keeping it nice and neat and I could tell u everything that is in it without looking, but no time :(Rita t

  7. I know I'm reading this WAY late, but I'm still going to comment. I LOVE that you posted this! It seems I'm constantly in a battle with my purse (yes, mine is a purse). I go through phases of "it's too big, I need to downsize" and "it's too small, I need something bigger", so I'm never happy. lol I seem to always have lots of pens – but can never find one when I need one, lots of chapsticks – but never one in the pocket I think it should be in, and lots of hair accessories – but never enough. :)

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