when the gobble is gone…

We truly had a beautiful four day weekend to be thankful for. The sun was shining, spirits were overall high and I, personally, found myself sitting back on multiple occasions- reflecting on how truly blessed my life is… 

For dinner, on Thursday, we had my sister and her kids, Amanda’s biological sister Bekah (who is very much a beautiful part of our family! We adore her!) and Amanda’s good friend Zach too. It was small compared to what we are used to, but really lovely. Aside from the youngest kids running around and playing, it was quiet too- which was needed. 
So grateful… 
Chw and I went out, at four in the morning, on a Black Friday mission. Half was to capture an amazing deal, that was NOT captured. I did however decide I probably won’t be shopping at our local Michaels ever again. We did manage a few deals, pick up a few gifts and enter a drawing for an iPad. I’m secretly keeping my fingers crossed while he is being uncharacteristically naive about the whole thing. *smile*
On Saturday Chw’s best friend (since he was about 7) and his wife were in town and we got to hang out with them. We went to lunch, hung out for a good amount of time and saw a movie. While I have no photos, (*frown*) I can say we loved seeing them… 
Sidenote- while we were hanging with them, our good friend had the fortune of selling hunting tags to Matthew Fox and his brother. She is one lucky girl… 
Other Sidenote- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Muppets! GREAT movie! 
All in all, a lovely weekend… Today was a bit family rocky, but whatever- at least the holiday wasn’t… Nothing quite drastic enough to dampen my gratitude… 
Right now I am grateful that school resumes tomorrow… 
How was your Thanksgiving? 
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