Sea Change…

Blogher Book Club’s newest title is Sea Change by Jeremy Page. I was compensated for this blogher book club review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own. 
Guy and his wife Judy form two thirds of a perfectly raw and honest family unit. Together with their four year old only daughter Freya they spend their days caught up in moments and seeking adventure- noticing the art in life’s little details and cherishing the beauty that is what they have. Their worlds each wrapped up in the other’s, that is, until one such adventure leads them unexpectedly into tragedy. 
Motivated by grief at what Guy perceives as the loss of everything, he takes to a life of solitude at sea. There among the waves and his solace, each night as the sun goes down it is within the pages of his diary that Guy’s life truly lives as he weaves the story of what his perfect little family of threes life may have been like- had that tragic incident not occurred. 
Jeremy Page crafts a story that has such beautifully painted imagery that the reader,( in this case myself) couldn’t help but be swept up in. Knowing virtually nothing about boats, life at sea or anything else relating to such things- Jeremy wrote in such a way that i felt i did. Drifting along, between Guy’s reality and fantasy lives it was so easy to connect with his character in an empathetic and personal way.
Truly, every page in this books captivated me so completely. Weather I found myself caught off guard by a turn in the story or not- I loved the writing and the vivid detail, and human honesty so much that it all just came together perfectly. The way this story unfolds, poetically unpredictable proves that Jeremy Page is master among writers… 
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