Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk about how my daughter doesn’t listen. The same could be said for how i talk about my puppy too. The ironic thing is that they are both, dog and daughter, ridiculously smart. RIDICULOUSLY SMART, and yet there are things that I suspect they are simply unwilling to learn and/or obey… 
And it is so frustrating. So incredibly frustrating, and I sit back and judge both of their infuriating stubborness… 
Then, today, when i raised my voice at the wicked little puppy for the 47th time before noon- it hit me: I am no different. (well, minus the ridiculously smart part. This dog is WAY smarter than I am.) I learn the same things over and over- and yet, I am constantly in need of the same lessons again. I know what i need to do in regards to the areas of my life like financial, work/writing, home, laundry, relationships, etc- and yet. 
And yet…


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