Usually, at this time of year i am knee deep in cookbooks and recipes, planning our Thanksgiving meal. For several years I hosted close to 30 (or over 30, one year) people in our small house. It was close knit and delicious. Last year we mixed things up a bit and decided to spend the week between Phoenix and New Mexico with family. I once again cooked, (smaller crowd) and we had a great time though the winter travel wasn’t at all ideal… 
This year, with the very real possibility of my sister and her family being up north, we’re entertaining the possibility of the four of us spending the day at one of our family’s favorite restaurants and then going to a movie. 
I kinda love it, actually… 
Since I got over my nearly three month affair with pneumonia, (Scandalous!) I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes and just trying to cook and be creative more days in a week than not- so that part of Thanksgiving just isn’t interesting to me this year. 
What are your plans? Do you judge us for thinking or restauranting it? (nothing is certain, plans could change any moment.) 
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7 thoughts on “Eh…

  1. The hubs and I are fighting …. he wants to host and I say last year was a big disaster (thanks to his rude family) and sooooo we are up in the air. Maybe I will fly out and go eat with you! ;-)

  2. Nope, I think the restaurant and movie idea is totally brilliant. I know how much you love to cook, create, host, etc., (and obviously you have done that in times past … 30+?!?!) but I also know there is nothing, NOTHING, like just being able to sit, eat, and enjoy your family during a holiday.

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