That’s when she told me the story ’bout free milk and the cow…

Girl picked out her own engagement ring. 
At seventeen years of age, swept up in the romantic idea of belonging to someone as amazing as boy, it was so easy to be naive about everything that lay ahead. When Girl’s family and friends remarked that she shouldn’t even see the ring before the great-big-secret proposal, Girl laughed heartily at their old fashioned ways… 
Boy took girl to the location of their very first date, and popped the question. Girl said yes, of course. Girl happily wore the ring she’d chosen, though secretly she felt like everything suddenly felt flat. Flat proposal. Flat ring. Flat. Where was the elation, the wonder, the magic? Certainly not there in that dollar theater- (hey, Boy and Girl were poor college students, where’d you think their first date would be?) and certainly in the although beautiful diamond ring which she’d picked out. 
Bickering began between them soon there after. Their once seemingly cozy village felt suffocating. Also, no one had ever really talked to Girl about the story regarding free milk and the cow. Though she knew her small world encouraged no sharing of her cow’s milk until after she was wed- she never understood why, so since she loved boy she generously shared milk and let’s just say- Boy was not lactose intolerant. 
Eh hem… anyway, the bickering turned to fighting, the fighting turned to breaking up and suddenly everything that had felt flat and nothing at all like the movies or books described- was finally gone. 
Lot’s of things happened to lead to weeks and weeks down the road, when Girl and friend had gone to a program in an old, historic church where Girl dreamed of being a bride someday. With friends of his own, (conspiracy?) Boy ended up there too. 
Throughout the program, Boy and Girl found eye contact before sitting beside each other. 
They found sitting beside each other before I’m sorry
They found I am sorry before he took her hand and slipped into her palm a little note. There, drawn at the top of the note was her ring. Below it, simply said “Marry me?” Beneath that were two boxes, one for yes and one for no. 
And there they were… The elation, the magic and the wonder. 
Girl glowed! 
Girl checked yes… 
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