Bieber gossip to dish, that makes my heart bleed…

I don’t really listen to celebrity gossip. I don’t read the magazines, I don’t watch the shows. I’ll have friends telling me so and so cheated on their spouses, etc- and for the most part I’ll tune it out. Over the years that I worked more deeply in that industry, I just found it BEST to ignore the junk, and I still like to. 
That being said, while listening to political radio on friday I learned about this Justin Bieber baby incident. As details of the story spilled out, my blood ran cold. Not because I totally love and adore him, (though I won’t lie- I do like him) but because the whole situation sits far too close to home for my comfort… 
Let me explain… 
On one hand you have the possibility that he is the baby daddy. While I’m not being naive about this, I will say that I am pretty sure he isn’t- BUT- whether he could or couldn’t be is not what this post is about. This post is about her, Mariah Yeater. While people all over the internet are going on and on about how she’s never held down a job, lives off of state assistance and is a high school drop out- i am not going to go there either… Let’s just say that hypothetically, she’s lying. Maybe she wants a bit of fame. Maybe she craves the attention. Maybe she thinks this will somehow make her rich, or at the very least- bring on a bit of cash. Possible motives aside, we are assuming- hypothetically- that she’s lying… 
By defending this lie, Mariah Yeater risks imprisonment for statutory rape. IMPRISONMENT! 
By defending this lie, Mariah Yeater risks losing her son permanently. 
By defending this lie, Mariah Yeater risks labeling herself a registered sex offender. 
Since we are taking the stance, hypothetically, that she’s lying- the DNA test she requested will prove she’s lying. There is no good outcome to this situation… 
And yet, she swears she is telling the truth. She’s been caught, red handed, with her hand in the cookie jar and a whole mess of crumbs on her mouth- yet she insists she didn’t take them. 
While, what likely happened is that maybe she’s not the brightest Oreo in the package and she assumed because Bieber is famous (and rich) that he messes around. She probably rented the movie and decided, upon watching it, that since her favorite color is purple too- that she should have half his money. She probably thought that he would be so ready to shut her up that he’d just pay her to be quiet. But that didn’t happen… And no matter how badly this ship’s going down- she is going to psychotically pretend it isn’t… 
wondering where i’m going with this? Those of you who have seen my daily, non-blog life have likely already figured it out. 
Mariah Yeater is a frightening 8 yr-glimpse-in the future of my Genny. 
My Genny the pathological liar who, although insanely brilliant, doesn’t think through the consequences of her decisions and then pretends forever that she’s telling the truth when she denies her choice.
This girl scares me. 
This idea of a girl scares me. 
That my daughter could be that girl, terrifies me. 
And to the newsanchor who actually asked “what does this girl have to gain by lying and causing such a big stir?” I answer- I don’t know… 
But please, when someone (anyone) figures it out- let me know… 
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2 thoughts on “Bieber gossip to dish, that makes my heart bleed…

  1. I have nothing to say really on this subject. As for your blog, well that's probably close to what a lot of people are thinking. I mean, what does she have to gain by lying. I get it. But then, I get what you're saying, too. The only way in this case to know what is what is for it to play out legally with the DNA testing. As to the rest of what you said and the weight of it, I get it. I wondered why a person would lie about this particular incident, for lack of a better term, when the lie would cause more trouble especially given the ages in this case. I tell my kids all the time there is no lie you won't eventually be caught in if you choose to lie. I have a child with a mood disorder and he has been known to lie, fib, or exaggerate. Thankfully he is still young and most people know to verify before acting on anything he says. But we have had one incident that this didn't occur. I am even more blessed to say that another incident we found out about and talked to the parents of the friend he was visiting and they thankful didn't over react and appreciated us coming to them. I don't know if they had planned on telling any authorities or not but if would not have been pretty if this had occurred. Not that it ever is. I feel your pain when you say you fear that could be your daughter. I think of my son and the lies, some of them very hurtful, that he has told and how I'd feel if they were ever taken to the full accumulation of being believed. You see, he doesn't tell lies that can be proved or disproved but that can be ascertained as to be a possibility. Prayer is all I have for myself and him other than the professionals he sees. I realize, this may not be the case for you. I just wanted you to know that there are people who totally get what you are saying. Sorry for the novel like comment.

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