Slow week, and rather than blogging I need to be doing a trillion other things so, thought I’d just do it this way… 
– Have you entered the Little Angels Giveaway???? No? Do! 
– Have you seen this movie yet? It just went to our dollar theater here and I STRONGLY recommend- wherever you are, go see it. it’s a feel good/encouraging movie. SEE IT! 
– I know I’ve been covering several things lately- I’m sorry… Several projects happened at once, but that’s winding down. FORGIVE ME?!?!
– Have you ever had this pasta sauce??? Those of you who are veggie squeamish- don’t be. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Seriously… And seasonally, it’s at Costco. And did i mention amazing? We used it last year and then it went away and we second guessed, could it really have been as good as we remembered? 
Heck yes, it was… 
– I did not win this, in the giveaway that thousands of people joined. I was a bit sad. That being said- it tops my Santa Wishlist because WOW, is it amazing… (MORE amazing than the sauce…) I won’t tell you to buy it for me, that’s just wrong… Besides, Santa will. Won’t he? Maybe just cross your fingers for me. :) 
– Are you doing anything creative this weekend? What? SHARE! 
Enough of the bossiness, I need to walk away from the computer now and actually do something…
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  1. Not creative, but my college prayer group is celebrating 15 years of getting together…we're all headed to San Diego!It took some creativity to go on a budget, but we started off right by getting some super great airline tickets. We are so excited!

  2. I'm so late on this post, but WOW … that bag is totally ahhhhmaaaazing! Never seen anything like it … I want it now, too. I'm sorry you didn't win it and I hope Santa does bring it for you!

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