Last friday night…

Last Friday night was not as epic as Katie Perry would have one believe. 
Well, it was pretty epic, but certainly not in a good way. Several of you eagerly awaited details of Genny’s seventh grade romance and their adventure at the Halloween dance, and I appreciate it. The notes I received, over the weekend, following up on her excitement should have made me smile. Conversing with a friend (and my husband) on Friday, I pointed out how strangely similar Genny’s life was panning out to that in the plot of a John Hughes film. The nontraditional girl is pursued by the popular boy and suddenly all of her dreams come true. As of late, Gen’s stories depicted her with characteristics of boldness and confidence that aren’t usually synonymous with her behavior, or the Genny we know for that matter. While it seems like instances of mean girls and dreamy boys would do the opposite of making someone react more strongly- I had no choice to believe her tales… 
The truth is though, none of what she has said is true. 
School has been one giant illusion and though that is only the tip of the iceberg, in regards to our situation, that is as far as I’ll delve on this blog. There is no boy friend. There was no romance. 
Pretty much, it’s complicated… And let me clarify, by it, i do NOT mean their relationship. There is, nor was there ever, any relationship. This boy was not even in attendance- though she truly believes he was. She can tell you what he said to her, what his hand felt like in hers and what he wore- in GREAT detail. 
Last Friday night was not a great night, but it was a good one. Not great in that it was hard, and sad and composed of the stuff real life is. But good in the way in which real life is- raw and relevant and earthy. We love Genny and even the ugly, scary stuff is the stuff we need to know. We need it know it all so that we can love her through it… She certainly won’t blossom into a whole and healthy person if we bail on her too and God knows this RAD-venture has taught us a lot about people who bail. 
So, here’s to next Friday night- and the one after that… Epic fun… Laughter. And even when there isn’t, even when life gets in the way- may there ALWAYS be love… 
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