This friday night…

Happy Friday! 
Boy, it has been a BIG week around our neck of the subdivision… 
The boy whom Gen has been head over heals for, since the beginning of school, has asked her to be his girlfriend. Let me back up and explain. 
We’ll call him P. 
He’s that boy… the boy the girls like. Mr. Personality, yet sensitive. Mr. Stop you in the hall because he genuinely wants to know how your weekend went
Yes, in 7th grade. 
It has been a daily journey, with P. We hear details of every interaction they have- EVERY DAY… 
Genny saw P WAYYYY Up there, while she was WAYYYYYY below. Sad really. 
To say she was shocked that he asked her “out” is an understatement… 
We gave her permission to attend the Halloween dance because we know several of the chaperones, and because it is in the afternoon. She is going with P. 
She is BESIDE herself with giddiness… 
She also got a drastic pixie cut, and she pulls it off amazingly. 
In another news, my naturopath is a miracle worker… I am beyond grateful.(And WELL, after 10 weeks!) Feeling about as giddy as Gen. 
And lastly, the Shutterfly give away has come to a close. CONGRATULATIONS to our winners Ange, Angel and Kel!!! I have a few other great giveaways coming up just around the corner so be sure to stay tuned… 
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5 thoughts on “This friday night…

  1. Congrats to your winners, though I was hoping to score some xmas cards. Oh well! Can't wait to hear how little miss Genny's first dance goes. Is Chris polishing his shotgun yet?

  2. Oh, how wonderful for Gen! I'm so excited to hear how the first dance goes. Thanks for the giveaway drawing again! I am so excited to find time to create some cards!

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