Full circle…

We used to share everything. 
Every joyful moment, every fear. 
I am sad that it isn’t always like that. I am sad that it can’t be…
I can’t tell you things, like I used to. 
I can not allow myself to open up and reveal to you because you are pretty much not there to listen. At the same token, I feel less and less available to you, too. 
More and more i hear the same contrived apologies and excuses. 
More and more i hear empty promises about moving on from here. 
but really, more and more only the same old thing occurs. 
I never imagined that it would be like this, between us. 
i never thought our circle would come to a close and stop, I always imagined us journeying together forever. 
and in ways, I am sure we will. 
Our lives are interwoven. 
But for quite awhile now you are all about you, and that is something that simply hasn’t gotten any easier to face. I don’t exist beyond your needs. 
And when I really, truly need you- you vanish. 
Over the past few months I have really, truly needed you and you have been absent. 
To tell the truth, I am beyond hurt. 
We’ve had this talk before. 
I won’t say it all again. 
I am sad. 
The constant rejection though, it isn’t really worth it. I’d rather just not have you, than have the empty promise of you. 
I wish we could rewind and go back to when I could tell you everything, but let’s face it- you wouldn’t even hear me tell you this… 
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