a favorite memory…

Dear Ms. Thompson, 
I know some may view it as a little sad that one of my all time favorite movies involves a celebrity whom I don’t really know, and not one single friend or family member. I feel like I should apologize for that, but not really… I have millions of frozen moments with them, but this moment (hour) with you is completely set apart. 
First and foremost, please allow me to say that I think you are amazing. 
When I met you, back in January of 2006, I was still still fairly moon eyed over the whole celebrity interview thing. It had been a horrible trip out to LA though, and I was emotionally exhausted and at a loss in pretty much every area. I had sat down to interview Colin first and all composure, no matter how hard I’d tried to maintain it, had flown right out the window when he walked in the room. I mean, and please excuse the side note for a moment but what girl wouldn’t grow a little faint and speechless when Colin Firth walks in to a room to talk to you, and it occurs to you that you are actually sitting in the Regent Beverly Wiltshire- ala’ Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. (though of course you are not a prostitute!) First you are sipping coffee, ranting about LAX security and how the Beverly Hills police department deals with things, when suddenly he walks in- tremendously taller that expected and clad in tremendously expensive jeans, a leather jacket that smelled of heaven… I mean, it was all a tad on the surreal and overwhelming side, you have to admit. Well maybe you wouldn’t, which reminds me- how do you do it? 
Anyway, moving back towards the point of this letter: you… 
By the time you sauntered in to the interview, I was done for. Tired, stressed, and greatly thrown off my game. Truthfully, I was ready to simply call a cab and go nurse my impending migraine in a stiff chair at the airport, waiting for my flight. 
And you, Emma, were exactly what I needed. Over the years I’ve met several people of celebrity status and I have never met anyone like you. You are easily one of the most comfortable people, celebrity or not, that I’ve been around. Twenty minutes into our interview, (where you chose to sit on the floor, mind you) I felt like I had known you forever. The passion for your work, combined with the way you spoke of motherhood and your family inspired me in countless ways that I can not even put into words… Thank you for that. Thank you for taking a moment that was the polar opposite of great and comfortable- and making it my absolute favorite memory… 
I hope, someday, to get the opportunity again. If not, though, I am happy to have had the beautiful brunch and talk that we did… 
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4 thoughts on “a favorite memory…

  1. I do not know how you are managing day after day to write these heart felt posts. It must be the secret powers you gained by talking to Emma Thompson and smelling Colin Firth. Oh. My.

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